15 March 2017

Feels like ages since I’ve posted on here. I’ve managed to finish the cat latch hook rug and it looks fantastic, cats seem to approve of it as I keep finding one of them curled up on it at times.

I’ve had a few health scares recently too which are now all being sorted one way or another. Just waiting on appointments to come round so that I can hopefully get answers and help. My main problem is with my joints as I have Hypermobility Syndrome which affects all joints in the body plus the collagen in your muscles and connective tissues. It is flaring at the moment in my right shoulder which is now stopping me from enjoying my beloved cross stitching as it just causes too much pain but somehow I can still do my knitting and crochet which is a blessing. The shoulder is affecting my daily life as well which is why it’s under investigation as I also have Osteoarthritis and doctors are wondering if it’s now spread to my shoulder as well as my left knee and facet joints in my back.

I’m currently working on a blanket and baby cardigan using King Cole Candystripe in Caramel (shade number 1658). It works up really lovely and is so soft to touch; bonus being that because it’s 100% acrylic it will wash and wear lovely. The blanket is being worked in crochet using a chevron style stitch, the way this stitch works is you cast on in batches of 8 stitches plus 1 for the foundation then add 3 add the end as part of the first treble. I took the stitch from a book called Handbook of Crochet Stitches by Betty Barnden, it’s nickname is my crochet bible as its so useful when designing blankets for everyone as i can pick and choose what stitches I want to use together. The cardigan is from a pattern called Puerperium Cardigan by Kelly Brooker and is available from http://www.pekapekapatterns.com.

4th September 2016

Been working away on different crafts since my last post. I’ve managed to pick up my very old WIP of a latchhook rug kit with cats and mice on, think I’ve had the kit about 17 years – oops! – but it is now finished! Yay! Pictures below show the front and the back.


I’ve also been working slowly on my socks, haven’t really had much time with having the kids off on school hols. They go back on Tuesday so should get some crafty time without interruptions then. I’ve also been working on a latch hook kit that I bought for my mum many years ago. Unfortunately, she hasn’t got the interest to complete so my daughter started on it earlier this year; now my eldest son has decided to carry out some work on it. The first picture is where it was when we picked it up earlier today, second picture is where my son finished before he put it away. 

Progress start

23rd August 2016

Last few days have seen a few tough decisions being made, one being the decision to wind up my business and try to sell the stock via eBay or other places. The other decision is not to appeal my transfer to PIP from DLA decision whereby they decided I didn’t qualify so I will wait a few months once I’ve healed properly from my knee surgery then reapply again. This second decision sees me without an income of my own but because my partner works I can’t claim any benefits; my partner has agreed that I will just become a housewife until I am in a position to go out to work again. I have two teenagers still living at home and to be quite honest looking after them and my partner is a full time job anyway!
My crafts will keep me from going loopy and this weekend I managed to get the backstitch finished on the stocking and started another one. Each one is only a maximum of 42 x 45 on each chart so don’t take long to do once I get the chance to sit and stitch. I’ve also got a knitting project on the go, I’ve finally managed to finish my first pair of socks and now I’m onto my second pair; the socks get knitted at night time as I can’t see to stitch properly after about 8:30pm at the moment.

Stocking finished with backstitch.

Progress so far on the next stocking, think this is supposed to be two turtle doves but not 100% sure.

Finished socks, they are so comfy. The pattern is from a booklet bought from Lidl along with the yarn as a sock kit.

Start of second pair of socks. Had the yarn for a while as it looked pretty but didn’t know what to do with it.